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Divorcing parents have to undergo a much more difficult separation process than spouses without children. On top of the division of assets and the emotional strain that comes with every divorce, child custody cases have the child’s future in the balance. Both spouses will likely think they know what is best for the child.

A child custody attorney helps uncover information from the child’s teachers and other adults involved in their lives. By taking the time to listen to educators and other family members’ thoughts concerning each parent, child custody attorneys provide valuable insight into these legal issues.

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What is Legal Custody?

Legal custody of a child means that you can make and inform decisions that affect your child’s upbringing. A parent with legal custody can decide what schools and care centers their child attends and attendance at religious institutions, counseling, and healthcare providers. Parents with legal custody also choose where the child will reside. Having the right child custody attorneys on your side will help ensure you and your child are protected.

What is the Difference Between Sole Custody & Joint Custody?

One or both parents may have legal custody of the child after a divorce. When one parent has sole custody, they are responsible for making all of these decisions on behalf of their child. However, when both parents have joint legal custody, either parent can decide with or without the other’s approval. The most common family law child custody order is for joint legal custody.  

Although it’s usually in the child’s best interest that parents communicate when making impactful decisions, the court’s assistance may sometimes be necessary. Our child custody attorneys work with the parents, your spouse’s attorney, and the court to ensure the child custody arrangement is workable, practical, and, most importantly, what is in the best interest of your children.

What is Physical Custody?

Usually, physical custody is what people think about when they think of child custody. Physical custody means that the child will primarily live with that parent. Like legal custody, physical custody may also be joint between both parents. Joint physical custody means that the child will live with both parents. Ideally, the child will get equal time between both parents, but this isn’t always the case and it is not always in the best interest of the child.

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Physical custody of the child may also play a part in child support as the amount of time that the child will live with each parent is a factor in child support calculation

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Due to the difficulty of splitting time evenly, generally, one parent will have more time with the child than the other. This arrangement sometimes will lead to primary custodianship even though both parents have custody and visitation rights.

A Child Custody Attorney Can Help

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys at 805 Family Law

It’s essential to have a divorce lawyer with experience in child custody cases when you are in a custody case. The child custody attorneys of 805 Family law Attorneys will work with you to seek the best possible outcome for you and your child. Often, it is in the child’s best interest for the spouses to come to a mutual agreement, which 805 Family Law child custody attorneys can help facilitate.

It isn’t always the case that both parents should be responsible for the child, though. In custody cases, the court will examine both guardians for their parental ability, stability, and criminal history. The child’s desires will factor into the decision, too. Our child custody attorneys can ensure that the court sees you and your situation in the most favorable light.

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